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3 Methods for Shredding Analysis Services Extended Events

Troubleshooting Analysis Services performance issues is hard. In complex and/or high concurrency environments (e.g. scale-out solutions) it can be a nightmare. Throw in a transient issue (i.e. one that can’t be reproduced on command or at some predictable time) that only occurs in production and you’re only option is to fire up some traces and let them run until the issue reoccurs. This can result in some pretty large trace logs that then need to be reviewed and the only (efficient) way to do this is to load the data into a table and run some queries.

This post covers several methods that can be used to load Analysis Services extended events trace data into a table for analysis. The general topic has been blogged about several times in the past by various SSAS geeks (here’s a good one by Mark Vaillancourt). However, this particular post shares a new (at least it was to me) method that I suspect isn’t widely used as it involves .NET (gross) and is only really warranted when there is a lot of trace data to load and/or you need to load it as fast as possible.



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