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A Novel Workaround for an Infamous SSAS Connection Error

or months I've been itching to get the latest version of SQL Server, thanks to the addition of new functionality on the OLTP side that I can make use of, like FileTables and the new windowing functions. Two Fridays ago, I finally got my copy of SQL Server 2012 Developer Edition in the mail and was able to get it installed without much hassle - or so I thought. The setup process went fairly smoothly, as I expected after having such an easy time Installing SQL Server 2012 Release Candidate 0 back in November. During both installations the only hitch I ran into was this error, which should not have occurred in a Developer Edition upgrade: "Rule 'SQL Server 2012 Feature Upgrade' failed. The specified edition upgrade is not supported. For information about supported upgrade paths, see the SQL Server 2012 version and edition upgrade in Books Online."


Tags: management, connectivity


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