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Automate creation of cube partitions

In most of the SSAS solutions, developers create cube partitions as per Years, Semesters,Quarters or Months but that totally depends upon the volume of data your fact table contains. Now consider a case in which you have created cube partitions for the previous and current Year but the next question strikes in your mind is that "how to create a new partition before new year begins ?" and then probably you will think that you have to create a partition manually in the SSAS project file and deploy that project before new year begins but Is it really a efficient solution as you will have to create a new partition and deploy the code before every year begins and then probably you will think, "Can I automate the creation of partitions before every Year begins ?", and the answer to this question is "Yes" and this post is all about the same.


Tags: partition, management, amo, process, script


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