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Counting Number of Queries Executed in SSAS

When monitoring SSAS we can use a few tools to gain insight into what is happening on the instance. Perfmon is especially interesting as it shows us information about various aspects of the server - we can see memory, disk, CPU and MDX counters out of the box. However, perfmon cannot show us how many queries were run on SSAS - neither per period (e.g. second), nor in total since the service had started. We have another counter, similar to a count of queries - Storage Engine Query : Total Queries Answered. This is not the same as the number of MDX queries answered, as if a query does not hit the Storage Engine (SE), but the Formula Engine (FE) cache instead, it won't increment the counter. And, if a query needs to be answered by more than one Storage Engine requests, we will see that the counter gets incremented with more than 1.


Tags: management, performance


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