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Seeing that Marco Russo has released his book "Programming Microsoft LINQ" reminded me of a conversation I had with him a while ago about something I've heard various people ask about over the last year - will there be a LINQ to MDX?

Before we go on, I should state that it's my opinion that there isn't a big enough market out there for anyone (Microsoft or a third party) to justify spending time developing LINQ to MDX. That's not to say that I wouldn't want to see it - I would - just that I doubt anyone much would use it. MDX remains too much of a niche language, and off-the-shelf tools work well most of the time so there's less need to write custom MDX-generation code. As far as I know Microsoft isn't planning on developing LINQ to MDX and I'd be surprised if it ever did, so this will remain a theoretical discussion.


Tags: mdx, connectivity


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