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My Quick Guide to SSAS Query Tuning Part One

The intention of this blog post is to write a practical introduction to SSAS Query tuning with the SQL Server Profiler tool. I think that SQL Server profiler can be very usefu but it also have its issues with delivering too much information and in a very unclear way. I hope that this post can be helpful and show how Profiler interacts with the SSAS engine.

The first step is to build a modified Adventure Works cube that only use basic measures from the fact table, no MDX scripts(except for the default calculate() and with no measure expressions. With measure expressions you will get more events, in Profiler for a single query, than you need to start learning this tool. I am using SSAS 2008 R2 SP1 and the Adventure Works DW database and cube project available on


Tags: design, mdx, management, performance


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