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What's New in Office 2013 BI - (Part 1 - Personal BI with Excel)

As you probably know by now, Microsoft unveiled the Office 2013 Technology Preview. As the portal page says, "we've Taken Self-Service BI to the Next Level". Indeed, this is where I believe we'll see Office 2013 emerging as a leading tool on the market for self-service BI. Based on my experience, business users love Excel 2010 with PowerPivot because of its familiar environment and ease of use. However, the Excel visualization capabilities have been lacking. As familiar as they are, pivot table reports are getting somewhat outdated. This is why I put enhanced visualization options on my wish list. This all changes in Office 2013 where the question won't be "Why we don't have modern visualization options?" but "Which visualization option should I use?"


Tags: excel, powerpivot


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