Articles about parent-child hierarchies in Analysis Services.
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1 Parallel hierarchies in a parent-child structure Hilmar Buchta
2 Performance Considerations for Securing Parent-Child Dimensions Teo Lachev
3 How to remove parent as a child from a SQL Server Analysis Services SSAS parent child dimension Siddharth Mehta
4 Ragged Hierarchy in SSAS Vincent Rinardi
5 Parent-Child Dimensions - Introduction , drawback and alternative approach Ashwani Roy
6 Parent-child dimensions, historical values (SCD) and keys Hilmar Buchta
7 Parent-child dimensions in SQL Server 2005 with Analysis Services MDX Baya Pavliashvili
8 Recursive hierarchies or non recursive, pros and cons Thomas Ivarsson
9 Cube structure optimization for MDX query performance in Analysis Services 2005 SP2: Tips for Parent Child Hierarchies usage Ajit Singh
10 Parent-Child Dimension in a correct DW? Easy Miky Schreiber
11 Parent Child Attribute performance woes in SQL Server 2005 SP2: A case study Ajit Singh
12 Including Child Members Multiple Places in a Parent-Child Hierarchy Carl Rabeler
13 Dimension Security Issues with Excel 2007 and SSAS 2005 Parent-Child Hierarchies Dave Fackler
14 Simulating Parent-Child dimension with data on leaf members only Michel Caradec
15 DataMember Bryan C. Smith
16 How to manage changing parent child hierarchys in Analysis Services 2005 Richard Tkachuk

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