Articles about MDX language specific issues and solutions. Includes MDX tutorials, MDX how to step-by-step guides, sample MDX scripts (cube and select).
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1 How To Optimise The Performance Of MDX Queries That Return Thousands Of Rows Chris Webb
2 MDX Scoped Assignments Outside The Granularity Of A Measure Group Chris Webb
3 MDX Compare or Rank Similar Members Alex Whittles
4 Solving Datazen MDX Query Limitations Teo Lachev
5 Fraud analysis with SSAS: Benford's law test in OLAP Cubes Michael Mukovskiy
6 The Use And Abuse Of The MDX Freeze Statement Chris Webb
7 MDX Order Function Aniruddha Thengadi
8 Confusing = with IS in MDX calculations Richard Lees
9 Fast CASE statements in MDX Richard Lees
10 MDX #46-6 different ways to detect a particular member in MDX script Sherry Li
11 Excel creates inefficient MDX Alex Whittles
12 MDX Scope Statement Aniruddha Thengadi
13 Rolling X month / X week calculations in MDX using NonEmpty Jenny Salvo
14 Date Difference using MDX VBA functions Aniruddha Thengadi
15 OLAP cube reading through MDX : part 1 Ajit Kumar Thakur
16 T-SQL v MDX: Pick the hierarchy and populate the report parameter values Rob Farley
17 Leaf members of a level-less hierarchy numberstoinfo
18 MDX Script: Calculated Members (vs Named Sets) Bill Anton
19 MDX Performance Tip: Move Calculations From the Query to the MDXScript Bill Anton
20 Formatting Durations in SSAS: Caveat Koen Verbeeck
21 SSAS Dynamic Named Sets in Calculated Members Gerhard Brueckl
22 Format Durations in SQL Server Analysis Services Koen Verbeeck
23 MDX Solve Order, SCOPE_ISOLATION and the Aggregate() function Chris Webb
24 Optimizing Distinct Count Excel Reports Teo Lachev
25 SSAS : Multicurrency Problem (Part III) Hennie de Nooijer
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