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Backup Strategies with SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services

This white paper briefly discusses several issues related to executing the Analysis Services Backup command. You will learn how to choose the correct backup strategy, learn various options provided in the Backup command, and see an example of how to automate Analysis Services backup.


Backup and restore operations are an integral part of the Analysis Services infrastructure. In Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005 Analysis Services, the backup operation has been completely rebuilt.

Backup and restore are done by issuing XML for Analysis commands against Analysis Services.

After receiving a Backup command, Analysis Services determines which files need to be packages in the single backup file. It will take care of the consistency of the database at the time of the backup and restore. It will make sure that all the objects in the backup file are of the same version.

It is also important to mention the granularity of backup and restore. You back up the entire Analysis Services database into a single file and restore the entire database as well.


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