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Analysis Services 2005 Processing Architecture

Summary: Processing is the operation in which the Analysis server reads data from the relational data source and populates the cubes, dimensions, mining models, etc. This whitepaper describes the Analysis Services 2005 processing architecture in detail and provides guidance on how and when to use the various processing controls. (22 printed pages)


XMLA Commands for Processing
Processing Options
Side Effects and Impact Analysis
Processing Engine
Lazy Processing
Out of Line Bindings
Integration Services


Processing is a critical and resource intensive operation in the data warehouse lifecycle and needs to be carefully optimized and executed. Analysis Services 2005 offers a high performance and scalable processing architecture with a comprehensive set of controls for database administrators. This includes:

  1. A rich set of processing options
  2. Fine-grained parallel processing
  3. Batch processing
  4. Lazy processing of indexes and aggregations
  5. Push-mode processing


Tags: performance, process, paper


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