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Dynamic Partition Creation in SSAS multidimensional using the SSAS Partition Manager

here are plenty of blog entries out there that outline how to dynamically create partitions in SSAS multidimensional databases. However, all of them suffer the same drawback: they always hard-code some part of the logic into the programming language in the form of hard-coded names or hard-coded partition queries. None of them provide a generic solution that you could just pick up and apply to any project. Perhaps this is a reflection of the usual implementation language of choice: SSIS. Let's face it, SSIS is famous for been brittle; packages break when moved to a new environment. They are rarely reusable without modification. Generating SSIS packages from BIML has solved some of these problem, but even BIML does not handle C# script tasks well; it is rather like painting a room through a keyhole! Like many business intelligence consultants, I take example scripts from project to project, each time extending their functionality a little more or adapting them to meet new requirements. For many years, I have used C# and AMO to create partitions and process cubes. Indeed, I have presented on this at SQLBits. I do find the AMO object model extremely intuitive and C# much easier to code than doing the equivalent partition creation logic in an SSIS package.


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