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How to use Partition Processing Destination Task to pump data into a SSAS partition via SSIS

To load and process the data into Analysis Services, SQL Integration Services provides two data flow components: Partition Processing Destination and Dimension Processing Destination. However, I found very few users know how to use them or use them correctly.  Some said the features look nice but can’t find any good example to follow. That makes many users stay away from using the features.

This blog, I am to going to write an example to show how to use Partition Processing Destination. In general, the same concept can be applied in Dimension Processing Destination as well. The whole example is based on the sample data set Adventure Works DW 2008.

Our example scenario:  To pump the data from a relational table directly to partition [Reseller_Orders_2001] under [Reseller Orders] measure group in Adventure Works DW

The source SQL (is taken from the partition properties):


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