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Cube Storage: Planning Partitions from a SQL Server Management Studio Perspective

This article, another of several others in this subseries that explore various concepts surrounding partitions in Analysis Services, largely replicates the subject matter we covered within Cube Storage: Planning Partitions (Business Intelligence Development Studio Perspective). The primary difference lies in the perspective (this time, it will be that of SQL Server Management Studio) from which we examine the properties and settings in the amplification of the planning considerations that we cover. We will again discuss partition planning considerations and how they are important to partition design within our business intelligence solutions, touching upon points that include the following:

  • A discussion of partition planning in general in Analysis Services;
  • A discussion of each of several individual resource assignment and settings considerations in planning Partition design within Analysis Services;
  • A hands-on examination, from within the SQL Server Management Studio, where applicable, of a respective example resource assignments / settings from the Adventure Works sample cube, for each of the resource assignment and settings considerations we discuss.


Tags: partition, management


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