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SSAS 105 - The Cube Wizard - SSAS 2008

This video shows the significantly enhanced Cube Wizard in SSAS 2008. The wizard has been streamlined and creates much simpler dimensions. (12.5 minutes)

This builds the same cube as shown in the Cube Wizard in SSAS 2005 video and shows off the differences between the two cube wizards.

While there are a number of differences, some of the ones worth noting are:

  • The 2008 Cube Wizard never asks the developer to identify the Time dimension
  • The 2008 Cube Wizard does not create any hierarchies
  • The 2008 Cube Wizard includes only the primary key of a dimension as an attribute, instead of all columns as attributes as done by the 2005 Cube Wizard
Download tihs webcast from here...

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