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Tool (Free) - Analysis Services Query Analyzer

  • Troubleshooting MDX queries can be a complex and time-consuming activity that requires the manual execution of many and repetitive tasks using different tools. Using Analysis Services Query Analyzer, you can forget all the complexities and drastically reduce the time spent to execute your analysis.
  • Everything in Analysis Services Query Analyzer is simple. Very simple to execute tests and collect all data and metrics and very easy to analyze the data to understand what happened during the resolution of the query. In addition, it is even more simple since the tool is completely integrated in SQL Server Management Studio!
  • Manually executing all the tasks for collecting performance data of MDX queries can be a boring activity that intrinsically implies the possibility to make mistakes. Analysis Services Query Analyzer simply eliminates this risk: each task will always be executed under the same conditions, in the right way and with the right configurations.
  • Collecting data and metrics for troubleshooting MDX queries require to follow specific rules and best practices to guarantee the quality and reliability of diagnosis. Analysis Services Query Analyzer automatically does it for you behind the scenes allowing to achieve the most accurate and useful results.
  • The variety of data and metrics that the tool automatically collects, together with the complexity of analysis that it allows to execute, make Analysis Services Query Analyzer your best and unchangeable tool for your daily troubleshooting activity.

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