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SSAS FAQ by Microsoft

The following list is the FAQs recently published to this SSAS forum. If you have some good FAQs and want to add them to this list, please simply contact moderators around here.

1. How do I clear the warm cache of a cube?
2. How do I exclude data members or create non-aggregatable values in parent-child dimensions?
3. How do I specify a calculated member as the default member of an attribute?
4. How do I create AVG measure in my cube?
5. How do I implement dynamic security for the users?
6. What is the common usage of Unknown member?
7. How do I achieve Cumulative Sums for a set in MDX?
8. How do I use wildcards in MDX?
9. How do I query multi-dimensional data in a relational database with T-SQL?
10. How do I resolve the error "File system error: A FileStore error from WriteFile occurred. Physical file: ...." when I process a dimension by using the Process Update option?
11. How do I connect to a SSAS cube through Internet?
12. What will happen if I create two roles for a user?
13. How do I connect to SSAS instance without SQL Browser services started?
14. How do I keep on accessing my cube in MOLAP storage mode when it is processed?
15. How do I have the members of a dimension displayed in my custom order?
16. How do I run MDX query in Excel 2007?
17. How do I automatically deploy my Analysis Services 2005/2008 project?
18. How do I process a cube via T-SQL?
19. Can I perform writeback operations in Excel 2007?
20. How do I troubleshoot the slow MDX query performance?



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