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SSAS error during deployment - "The connection either timed out or was lost"

Q: When deploying my SSAS solution I am getting error message: "The connection either timed out or was lost"

A: There is known problem with Kerberos security that might be the reason why you are getting this error message. More details about this error can be found here:
Errors may occur after configuring Analysis Services to use Kerberos authentication on Advanced Encryption Standard Aware Operating Systems

This document describes that one of the workarounds is to add ";SSPI=NTLM" or ";Integrated Security=SSPI" to the connection string. I found that doing that really helped.

Here are steps how to add additional parameter to the connection string for the BIDS environment:

  • In the BIDS environment select menu item "Project" and then "Properties"
  • Select "Deployment" tab
  • Change Target/Server property value from "YourServerName" to "YourServerName;SSPI=NTLM"

Now try to deploy your solution.

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