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Q: How to fix error "Error loading metadata: Parser: The end of the input was reached."

Q: When browsing the cube I am getting error message "Error loading metadata: Parser: The end of the input was reached." How can I fix it?

A: I have seen this error a few times and every time it was related to the problem in the perspective default measure definition. When you create a new perspective, you can specify default measure for it. There are 2 places where you can specify default measure:

  • In the perspective tab just under perspective name there is a drop down list with the names of available measures. You can choose your default measure here.
  • In the perspective tab you can click on the perspective name and then see all available properties in the "Properties window". On of the available properties is "DefaultMeasure". There is no drop down list here to choose default measure and you have to enter value in the free form text: [Measures].[MyXMeasure]

To reproduce a known error follow these steps:

  • Create new perspective and choose default measure from the drop down list. Check properties window and you will see new DefaultMeasure property value.
  • From the default measure drop down list choose first value that is an empty string. Click back on the perspective name to refresh this choice. Now check DefaultMeasure property in the "Property window". You will see value "[Measures]."

To fix this error go through each perspective in the database and remove "[Measures]." from DefaultMeasure property in the perspective "Properties window".

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