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Webdashboard - Dashboarding made easy

Clever use of technology

By making use of clear visualization techniques the Webdashboard gives you a quick insight in your company’s performance. You instantly see where you are on target and where you can improve. Below you can read what makes the Webdashboard so powerful to use. You can also directly view the demo by clicking on the screenshot on the right.

Key Performance Indicators

The Key Performance Indicators warn you in time if your company is falling behind on targets. With the Webdashboard you can quickly see how the different KPS’s are doing per subsidiary. This way, different subsidiaries can steer on the same KPI’s and compare them with each other.

Trend monitoring

With the use of graphs you can see how trends are developing in a certain timeline. People won’t find out after Quarter X how things went but can see the trend develop per day/week/month. These graphs are also ideal to look at realized numbers and compare them with the targets.

Quickly compare categories: Benchmarking

In a simple list you can easily compare different categories with each other. Finally you can compare numbers (or Key Performance Indicators) easy and interactively on one screen. You get a quick answer to the questions: “Where are we on schedule? And where can we improve?”

Because of the Webdashboards flexible structure you can quickly make it your company's dashboard. Users get the possibilities to get access to several specialized dashboards and save their own favorite selections.

Based on industry standards

The Webdashboard connects to the industry standard of Microsoft and SAP BW, this leads to the following advantages: 

  • There are a lot of (Microsoft Gold) Partners that can give extensive support with implementations and trainings. (Continuity)
  • Standardized branche specific solutions have already been created by renowned partners that can implement and even expand the Webdashboards functionalities through adding additional reports or analytical tooling.
  • This makes the Webdashboard an important information source for thousands of users.
  • It’s easy to connect the Webdashboard on existing systems.
  • The pilot fase of a project can be done in one week.
  • No extra software is needed on the client-side.

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