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Silverlight Pivot Grid by Infragistics

xamWebPivotGrid™ is a Silverlight pivot grid control that lets you work with multidimensional data (MDX) from your cubes, data warehouses and Microsoft® SQL Server® Analysis Services (or any XMLA-compliant provider). It provides an experience to your users similar to Microsoft Excel® pivot tables, only in the context of your Rich Internet Application. Users simply drag and drop filter fields, measure fields, and dimensions from the convenient, collapsible field selector onto the pivot grid control and xamWebPivotGrid presents the sliced and diced data in cross-tabulated form for your users to drill-down into. Creating multidimensional analyses has never been easier.

Key Features at a Glance

  • A Pivot Table for Silverlight – xamWebPivotGrid delivers an engaging user experience that allows your users to do "crosstabs" and drilldown as they interact with data just like they would in Microsoft Excel.
  • Multidimensional Data – Unlock the potential of your data warehouses, your OLAP cubes, your multidimensional data stores, in fact, any XMLA-compliant provider (SSAS, SAP, etc.) can furnish xamWebPivotGrid with pivotable data.
  • Drag and Drop – Users intuitively drag and drop fields from the field selector onto the xamWebPivotGrid and rearrange the fields within row and column groups to see their data sliced and diced however they wish.
  • Filtering – Since the amount of data can quickly grow overwhelming, xamWebPivotGrid lets users filter the data so they see only the data pertinent to their analysis.
  • Drilldown – Expandable row and column fields in xamWebPivotGrid allow your users to drilldown into the data to extract meaning from the numbers.
  • Summaries – Row and column groups are totaled by xamWebPivotGrid in summary fields, so your users can make quick part-to-whole comparisons.




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