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Considerable performance gains have resulted from new market techniques being employed by OLAP Office Explorer™. OLAP Office Explorer™ is the fastest Excel based OLAP reporting toolset for Microsoft’s Analysis Services, as well as the fastest Excel based browser on the OLAP market today! Why not apply for a trial of OLAP Office™ now.

Enhancements Include:

  • Improved data collection and writeback functionality. New techniques employed allow for faster retrieval and loading of data to Microsoft’s Analysis Services.
  • Improved budgeting and forecasting techniques. New functionality added to OLAP Office™ Explorer allows for users to quickly model, create, allocate, update and consolidate budget and forecast information. Also included, are improved techniques in managing and controlling this whole process.
  • Improved multiple hierarchy control. New techniques available allow for a more controlled and streamlined approach to the maintenance of multiple hierarchies within an OLAP environment. This is particularly pertinent within a financial reporting environment where it improves data integrity and reduces reconciliation.
  • Extended modelling capabilities. New functions have been added to extend the modelling functionality within OLAP Office Explorer™. You do not have to be limited to a static matrix approach for OLAP reports. As always, you can model and browse information from more than one cube in a report.
  • Extremely flexible

Key Features:

  • An Excel based browser that provides highly flexible analysis and exploration capabilities including ad hoc summarisation, which is optimised for financial users.
  • Provision of modelling capabilities through the inclusion of spreadsheet writeback and input journals.
  • Ability to easily produce customised storybooks without coding that enables non technical users to view and manipulate data in an attractive and intuitive manner.
  • Rapid report production incorporating text, tables and graphics with consistent formats using templates.
  • Key Performance Indicators with hundreds of graphics
  • Spark graphics engine

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