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PowerOLAP® is a Business Intelligence and Analytics solution.  Unique to other products on the market, PowerOLAP maintains a dynamic connection to your underlying data source system to provide instant real-time answers to your business questions. 

PowerOLAP can work with the front-end of your choice, be it Excel spreadsheets, Google, Xcelsius, or a Web browser.  PowerOLAP dynamically integrates your relational database and an optimized multidimensional database for a faster, more powerful, more flexible single application.  PowerOLAP will empower the people who work in your organization with speed, efficiency, and agility; expand your company’s potential with instant answers to business questions; and evolve your business through knowledge, analytics, growth, and stunning ROI. 

PowerOLAP is available as a standalone client (a designer client) or as a client connected to a PowerOLAP Server. PowerOLAP can integrate data provided by any data source that is ODBC compliant including Microsoft SQL Server and SAP® Solutions. 

Data can be drawn from any source, relational databases like Microsoft SQL Server or Analysis Services OLAP cubes, as well as other OLAP sources.

This compatibility enables you to leverage PowerOLAP's high-performing engine even while you work with existing database systems


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