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BristolReport empowers the user to design and publish his custom Business Management Reports.


OLAP Front-ends can be grouped in three categories :

  • Slice and Dice tools let the user navigate the data based on cube's dimensions and hierarchies. The data view merely reflects the cube's structure.
  • Analytical Applications address a functional need such as budgeting or sales analysis.
  • BristolReport belongs to the third category where the user defines how he wants to see his information based on his business needs. Business Management Reports are some time called non-symmetric or unstructured views to enforce their independence of the underlying data structure.
Designed for the End-User

Unstructured reports design is considered as an IT specialists task. BristolReport innovates and greatly simplifies the design process to let the user more rapidly react to environment evolutions and directly define and adjust the content of his Business Performance Reports.

Guided by wizards, the user defines within Excel his functional view by pulling together "bricks" of data called InfoSets. The wizards let the user shape the InfoSet by hiding or displaying labels or dimensions properties. All the formating and Excel complementary calculations remain at the user's disposal.

Technical info 

BristolReport leverages the new WebServices architecture (XMLA) to communicate with Analysis Services over the Web using XML over HTTP. Other more traditional data source links such as ODBO are also available to connect to OLAP Cubes or to build reports using local cubes.


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