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Calculate Moving Averages in SQL, Power BI and MS Excel

In this article, I’m going to talk in detail about the moving average in SQL and how to find out the same in Power BI and Excel. This might be a new topic for many newbies who have started out in this field, but I’m sure this will help anyone who is trying to work on smoothing averages in SQL or in Power BI.

Moving Average in SQL or Power BI, as it goes by the name, is a type of average function that is moving; in other words, it is calculated over a period. This is an important scenario while dealing in finance where often analysts tend to work on smoothing the stock prices, for example, over a period and find out the trend of the prices. This trend then aids in defining whether the average is an upward or downward moving trend. This article will focus on how to calculate the moving average in SQL and then we will look at an example to implement the same in Power BI and Excel as well. It is also known by Rolling Average or Running Average.



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