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Understanding Calculation Group Precedence

This article explains the precedence of calculation groups in DAX, needed whenever multiple calculation groups are present within the same model. Before starting, we suggest you read the previous articles in this series.

It is possible to define multiple calculation groups in one same data model. Moreover, it is possible to apply multiple calculation items to the same measure. Even though each calculation group can only have one active calculation item, the presence of multiple calculation groups can activate multiple calculation items at the same time. This happens when a user uses multiple slicers over different calculation groups, or when a CALCULATE function filters calculation items in different calculation groups. For example, in the first article about calculation groups we defined two calculation groups: one to define the base measure and the other to define the time intelligence calculation to apply to the base measure. We obtained the following result, where the user selects both the time intelligence calculation and the base measure for the report.



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