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Filters aren't applied to related tables in PowerPivot unless a measure is added to the PowerPivot Workbook

A colleague, with whom I work on a regular basis, recently pointed out a somewhat unexpected feature of PowerPivot PivotTables. What my colleague was seeing was that when creating a PowerPivot PivotTable, placing a column from one of the Dimension tables on rows then adding a column from a related (Parent) table in one of the slicers and selecting a specific member from the slicer the action did not apply a filter to the related dimension that had been placed on rows. When a measure was added to the PivotTable, however, the dimension that was on rows the filter was magically applied. This behavior is relatively easy to reproduce using a few tables from the Adventure Works relational database. So for those who want a reason to just play with PowerPivot (take your pick of the version), here are some relatively simple steps to reproduce the behavior.


Tags: design, powerpivot, dax, tabular


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