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Building a BI Portal for the Tabular Model

Thanks to the folks that braved the snow and freezing rain to see the session on building a BI portal for the tabular model. Here is the deck: Building a BI Portal.

There is some reference material in this deck that is useful to those who were not there this morning. What I did was walk through four major Microsoft reporting/data visualization tools (Excel, Power View, Reporting Services, and PerformancePoint) and looked at the strengths and weaknesses of the tools. I sliced the decision making on two axes: technological considerations (requirements such as SharePoint, mobile, ad hoc reporting, etc) and also data visualizations (availability of the different types of charts, graphs, Analysis Services capabilities, etc) in each tool. There are a number of slides that stack the four tools against each other in each of these areas, and compare/contrast in one place the capabilities of each tool. Check it out, if there are questions let me know


Tags: bism, tabular, powerpoint


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