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Creating a Tabular Model with AMO

With the release of SQL Server "Denali" CTP3 we have included a complete set of database samples, to help you get started, and a sample to programmatically create a Tabular model using the AMO API, in C#.

The purpose of the AMO sample is to help developers to understand how to map AMO objects to the logical objects in a Tabular model. For example, a logical table in tabular modeling is represented by a dimension, a cube, a cube dimension, a measure group and a partition in the measure group (actually, it can be one or more partitions) in AMO; in this case you can see that a single logical object, a table, is mapped to many AMO objects. The sample is the code, not in the execution of the code; executing the code is a visual aid to understand the process of creating a tabular model.


Tags: amo, tabular


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