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"Multi-threading" the Sql Server Analysis Services Formula Engine - I #ssas #mdx

The SSAS single threaded Formula Engine (FE)

It's a known (also unfortunate.) fact that analysis services (multidimensional) formula engine (FE) is single threaded.

Now, for anyone not familiar with SSAS this should come as a very unusual limiting factor. Honestly, in a world dominated by the cloud, map/reduce, MPP/shared nothing platforms, (imo) the only plausible reason to still have a single threaded SSAS FE, is that we are really looking at an amazing product from a group of amazing minds that, unfortunately, hasn't got any major upgrade since its very first 2005 release. (aside from 2008 block computation improvements ), and yes the reason for that reason would need another kind of post.


Tags: mdx, management, performance


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