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Working with SQL Server AMO (Analysis Management Objects) – Part 1 & 2

AMO provides us with a collection of classes with which we can manage objects of a running instance of SQL Server Analysis Services programmatically. These classes are available in namespace Microsoft.AnalysisServices. The assembly is available at the location <drive name>:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\100\SDK\Assemblies

With AMO we can create, modify, delete and view objects like dimensions, cubes, analysis services databases etc. We can also process the cubes, partitions as and when required.

One important thing to remember is you cannot query data with AMO; for this you will need ADOMD.NET.

AMO gives commands from client application and are converted to XMLA (XML for Analysis Services) and delivered to analysis services instance. AMO class library is equipped with various classes with the topmost class being the ‘Server.’' It follows the database, cubes, measure groups, measures, dimensions, perspectives.

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Part 2...

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