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SSRS Mobile – only 6 MDX queries you need

All the 30 types of SSRS Mobile reports (as of July 2016) can be designed with only 6 base queries. These six queries can be written in either MDX, or DAX, or SQL. This is the MDX version. And, with a bit of imagination some of these six queries can be combined so that you end up with even fewer than six for all report types – I have used six here as the SSRS Mobile sample reports use a total of six datasets in the SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher. Even better news! 23 of the 30 report types can be designed using just 1 query (the SimulatedTable query). The six MDX queries are at the end of this post, so please scroll to see the syntax. They all use the Adventure Works multidimensional cube (available from codeplex).



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