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Win\Loss Graphs in Reporting Services 2008

As I mentioned previously, SSRS 2008 allows us to use some nice visualisation techniques in our reports.  Win\Loss graphs are used to show (wait for it......) the trend of wins and losses over time.  The usual example is the performance of a sports team during a season, but they are also useful for showing trends over time such as the performance of a KPI.  Here's another quick how-to on building this type of chart in SSRS 2008.

So first we need a dataset with three fields: Series, Time and Value.  The first two are fairly self-explanatory, for the third you need to transform your value so it appears as either a 1, -1 or 0 (win, lose, no result/tie).  The AdventureWorks built-in cube KPI's work well here so I'm going to shortcut slightly and use these.  If you're going to use a relational source you may need to do something a little cleverer.  For example:


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