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Intro To MDX Decathlon-The Trouble With Tuples

In this third installment of my Intro to MDX Decathlon, we cover the hugely important Tuple.

Before we get into the details, I want to make a quick note about pronunciation. There is some controversy over how to properly say the "tup" in Tuple. In one camp, there are the folks that say it must rhyme with "cup." The other camp insists it must rhyme with "loop." I poked around a bit online concerning this topic and found roughly equal numbers of people in each camp declaring with absolute certainty that the pronunciation they prefer is the right one. I, personally, rhyme with "cup," but make no claim of correctness. It just feels right to me and was the first pronunciation I heard. I don't think it really matters. In a world in which we have television shows that start with "The Real Housewives of" ANYTHING, we have much bigger problems than how to pronounce this word.


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