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Avoid Pitfalls of Fact Data Prefetching

As mentioned in Chris Webb’s article Query Performance Tuning in Microsoft Analysis Services and SQL Server CAT team’s white paper SQLServer Best Practices Article: Identifying and Resolving MDX Query PerformanceBottlenecks in SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services, MDX Formula Engine (FE) may request more data from the Storage Engine (SE) upfront so that following SE queries can be answered directly from the SE cache. In order to retrieve the right amount of data, FE uses some clever heuristics to construct the prefetch query. While the underlying design delivers great performance most of the time, sometimes the resulting query prefetches too much data. In this blog post I am going to show you a pathological case where a prefetch query seems to completely ignore the slices in the original MDX query thereby scan all partitions instead of just the needed ones. I will explain why it happens so you understand what’s going on in the engine if you ever run into such cases and deal with it accordingly.



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