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Replacing Cell Security with Dimension SecurityChris WebbArticles23/12/2011
BISM Tabular Dynamic Data Security Over Bridge TableTeo LachevArticles29/9/2011
SSAS: Administrator role is not really admin!Mickael101Articles27/9/2011
Connecting to SQL Server Analysis Services using a Different Domain Account that the user currently log on (SSAS on Different Domain and the user logon to another Domain)N.RajaArticles19/9/2011
BISM - Tabular Security Gotcha! (Denied Permissions)Paul te BraakArticles13/9/2011
SSAS : Setup dynamic security in Analysis servicesHennie de NooijerArticles12/9/2011
SSAS : Set up simple security in Analysis servicesHennie de NooijerArticles7/9/2011
SM - Tabular Security ModelPaul te BraakArticles4/9/2011
Measures Security in SQL Server 2008 R2Guru CharanArticles21/8/2011
Performance Considerations for Securing Parent-Child DimensionsTeo LachevArticles28/6/2011
Denying access to an entire level with dimension securityChris WebbArticles23/6/2011
SQL Server Analysis Services - Testing Cube RolesMike BurgerArticles5/6/2011
Dimension Data Security and Cube ScriptTeo LachevArticles31/5/2011
Why not to use the external assembly approach for dynamic securityChris WebbArticles10/5/2011
How do I impersonate another user to test the MDX query in SSMS?MicrosoftArticles13/4/2011
Introduction to Dimension Security in SQL Server Analysis Services SSAS 2005Ray BarleyArticles10/2/2011
Q: How to setup SSAS anonymous authentication - to access data from internet or another domain?Vidas MatelisFAQ1/2/2011
Advanced Dimension Data Security with SQL Server 2008Ben BlackArticles17/1/2011
Excel Report was not passing right user id to SQL Server Analysis ServicesKaran GulatiArticles31/12/2010
Raising your own Errors in Dynamic SecurityChris WebbArticles16/12/2010
Kerberos authentication for SQL Server Analysis Services (SharePoint Server 2010)MicrosoftArticles10/12/2010
Analysis Services Security: DENY does not override GRANTDinesh PriyankaraArticles28/11/2010
Setting up SQL Linked Server to SSAS and Avoiding Kerberos Double-Hop in RedGateMJ HuffordArticles1/11/2010
SSAS: Dynamic Security, Kerberos and PerformancePoint Rod ColledgeArticles13/10/2010
SSAS Dynamic SecurityRichard LeesArticles12/10/2010
Kerberos in a Clustered and Load Balanced BI DeploymentDuncan SutcliffeArticles30/9/2010
SSAS: Membership in Multiple Roles Could Throw Unexpected SurprisesBenny AustinArticles25/9/2010
Configuring extranet access for PerformancePoint Services 2010 (white paper)Eric MelcherArticles21/9/2010
Creating Many Roles in SSAS CubeVincent RainardiArticles18/6/2010
Improving cell security performance in SSASJason ThomasArticles26/4/2010
Implementing measure security in SSAS 2008Jason ThomasArticles20/4/2010
Using EffectiveUserName To Impersonate in SSASGreg GallowayArticles4/4/2010
One Cube, Different Dimensions, Different Data – with MDXKonstantin GorakineArticles28/2/2010
Applying Security to Calculated MeasuresAdam JorgensenArticles24/2/2010
Cell Security and Calculated Members Defined in the WITH Clause or SessionChris WebbArticles27/1/2010
Publishing PerformancePoint to Extranet UsersRob KerrArticles4/1/2010
Testing SSAS Roles in ExcelKevin S. GoffArticles4/12/2009
SSAS advanced dimension level security using SSRS reports, showing parent of a level you have no accessKasper de JongeArticles23/10/2009
Kerberos SPN Generation Setup Tool - SSAS 2008Robert LambrechtArticles21/10/2009
Dimension Security Stored Procedures in SQL Server Analysis Services SSAS 2005Ray BarleyArticles24/9/2009
Introduction to Dimension Security in SQL Server Analysis Services SSAS 2005Ray BarleyArticles24/9/2009
"Warning The security database on the server does not have a computer account for this workstation trust relationship."MicrosoftArticles9/9/2009
DrillThrough Actions and (semi) Security in SSAS OLAP cubesAlberto FerrariArticles25/6/2009
SSAS 2008 Deployment: The connection either timed out or was lostRob KerrArticles16/4/2009
Constrained Delegation with Kerberos and SSAS Named InstanceJaime BasilicoArticles4/4/2009
Enhanced Security and Integration of Microsoft BI Solutions with KerberosMark Dasco and Boyan PenevArticles4/4/2009
Errors may occur after configuring Analysis Services to use Kerberos authentication on Advanced Encryption Standard Aware Operating SystemsJohn DeschArticles3/4/2009
Windows Server 2008 Kerberos Bug – Transport Connection Issues with SSAS dataDan EnglishArticles1/4/2009
SSAS: Kerberos kills ‘large’ MDX queries on Windows Server 2008Dr. John TunnicliffeArticles29/3/2009
Measure Tool – Making SSAS measures physical to apply securityAlberto FerrariArticles5/2/2009

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