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MDX Studio 0.4.14 Release

7 years 7 months ago #1472 by mosha
mosha created the topic: MDX Studio 0.4.14 Release
MDX Studio version 0.4.14 is available for download from ... io/v0.4.14 . MDXStudio2005 is to be installed on machines with SSAS2005, and MDXStudio2008 on machines with SSAS2008. This release focuses on fixing UI issues reported in the forum and in email. Finally, it is possible to use non-English characters in MDX queries, and see them normally instead of '???' (but at the cost of losing color coding in these cases).

Change Log for MDX Studio


* UI
* Running timer during query execution
* Support for GO keyword (even though it is not part of MDX)
* Tools -> Options dialog implemented
* supports formatting options
* Fix display of non-English characters (but color coding is lost)
* Make autocomplete window to work with mouse

v0.4.12 Released on 4-Feb-2009

* UI
* Cell and member properties window on double click on cell value
* Toolbar menu in results window to show any of the available cell properties in the grid
* Docking of the Trace window
* Fix hierarchical profiler
* New toolbar for common file/edit operations
* Debug menu

* Parser
* Cell permissions and cube dimension permissions in the parse tree when connected to cube

* Perfmon
* Fix perfmon counters for default instance of SSAS2008

v0.4.11 Released on 31-Dec-2008

* UI
* Multiple query windows
* Tracking changes, prompt to save if changed
* Web browser inside pane
* Find dialog enhanced, add Replace functionality

v0.4.10 Released on 14-Dec-2008

* UI
* Use dockable windows for all panes - Visual Studio style
* View menu to access all the windows

* Intellisense
* Fixed to work correctly inside comments and ids
* No more clipping of autocomplete dialog

v0.4.9 Released on 11-Dec-2008

* Build
* Builds for SSAS2005 and for SSAS2008

* Connect
* Redesigned connection dialog, more options
* Persistance of connection options

* Profiler
* Show importatnt attributes from SE query events

* Debug
* Clear debug watch
* Support for 'object watch' for tuples

* Analyzer
* Add warning for aggregate over named sets
* Separation between static and dynamic calculation properties

* Editor
* Line and column numbers
* Fix problem with disappearing backslash

* Execute
* Add more perfmon counters

v0.4.8 Released on 5-Oct-2008

* Debug
* Multiple watch expressions
* Watch object option
* Decode coordinates
* Fixes for named sets

* Profiler
* Support for aggregations
* Measure group names in mg queries
* Text data for the events

* Parser
* AS2008 syntax for named sets

* UI
* Multiselect in dependency grid/graph

v0.4.7 Released on 21-Sep-2008

* Profile query performance
* Hierarchical trace
* Automatic cold and warm cache runs

* UI
* Reconnect
* Comment/uncomment selection menu

v0.4.6 Released on 7-Sep-2008

* Dependency Graph !

* Analyze
* Recursion detection

* UI
* Make intellisense a little less aggressive

v0.4.5 Released on 4-Sep-2008

* Analyze
* Add one more warning

* UI
* Show autocomplete menu above or below the character depending on the position
* Allow association of MDXStudio with *.mdx (or other) file extension, to load the file on double-click from Explorer
* Cut/Copy/Paste contex menu in the editor
* Disable intellisense inside comments
* Intellisense fixes
* Vladimir: Intellisense. First 20 members of the level are shown.

v0.4.4 Released on 21-Aug-2008

* Parser
* Various fixes found by the MDX Parser test suite

* UI
* Intellisense made usable
* Vladimir: Kpi are added in the MetaDataTree.
* Vladimir: NamedSet are added in the MetaDataTree.

* Tests
* Nicolae: MDX Parser test framework

v0.4.3 Released on 7-Aug-2008

* Format
* Format parameters (indent width, comma position etc) in online edition
* Color-code formatted MDX (both in HTML and RTF)

* Analyze UI
* Hide all warnings of same type

* Editor UI
* Initial intellisense !
* Wiggly red lines under syntax errors
* Reliable (parser based) color coding in the editor
* Parenthesis matching
* Functions tooltips

v0.4.2 Released on 29-July-2008

* Analyze
* 2 new warnings
* Order warnings by line number by default

* Execute/Debug
* Execute MDX Script command automatically in the context of right cube
* Fix debugging of parametric queries

* Formatting
* Nicer formatting for binary operators and functions with single argument

v0.4.1 Released on 22-July-2008

* UI
* Support up to 65535 columns in grid

* Parser
* Error recovery - multiple errors
* Support for SSMS's "GO" keyword
* Correct line/column position for expressions in '...'

* Analyze
* 3 new warnings

v0.4.0 Released on 13-July-2008

* MDX Analyzer - analyzes MDX for performance and correctness issues
* Queries and MDX Scripts
* Highlights the source code on click in Messages window

* UI
* New Messages window with location info, sorting, copy/paste to Excel, context menu, hiding messages

* Parser
* Line and column numbers for errors
* Support for GO separator between statements (SSMS compatibility)

v0.3.1 Released on 4-July-2008

* UI
* Right click from parse tree -> Format MDX for the node
* Format and parse MDX expressions menu items
* KPIs and Actions in the parse tree (with MDX Script)

* MDX Formatting
* Preserving comments (!)
* Parametric queries
* Optimize parenthesis for nested operators

* Debugger
* Parametric queries

* Parser
* Separate statements from expressions
* Fix Watch window updates for queries with calculated members/named sets
* Properly handle '' inside '...' expressions

v0.3 Released on Web on 30-June-2008

* MDX Studio on the Web
* Formatting MDX
* Parse tree

* Parser
* DRILLTHROUGH statement
* CREATE SUBCUBE statement
* Distinguish AS '...' blocks from AS "..." in WITH clause
* Subselect ( ..., * ) syntax

* MDX Formatting
* Many fixes based on feedback

v0.2.9.1 Hotfix Released on 26-June-2008

* Fix wrong formatting issues with some MDX functions
* Fix parser issue with CELL CALCULATION clause

v0.2.9 Released on 24-June-2008

* MDX Formatting
* Formatting for MDX Scripts
* Fix for DIMENSION & MEMBER properties, NON EMPTY and CASE
* Comma first style
* Canonical function names (camelcase)

* Parser
* Dimension name in the calculated members

v0.2.8 Released on 16-June-2008

* MDX Formatting

v0.2.7 Released on 15-January-2008

* Trace (Profiler)
* Basic implemetation.

v0.2.6 Released on 7-January-2008

* Parser
* Objects types derived from metadata
* Fix locale-independant float numbers format
* Support for set aliasing in expressions
* Support for DISTINCT operator
* UI
* Clear cache button

v0.2.5 Released on 4-November-2007

* Parser
* Parametric queries
* Case statement in the parse tree
* Show subcubes for the SCOPE in the parse tree
* Show left hand side of assignment in the parse tree
* Show subselects in the parse tree
* Fixes for .Ordinal, .Level, .Hierarchy, HIDDEN, HAVING
* Debug
* Debugging parametric queries
* Debugging for NON EMPTY and HAVING

v0.2.4 Released on 27-October-2007

* UI
* Highlight MDX snippet corresponding to the parse tree object
* Find text dialog
* Debug
* Support for debugging MDX Script calculations in the context of SELECT query

v0.2.3 Released on 12-October-2007

* UI
* Remove flickering of coordinates window when changing cells in results grid
* Read the MDX Script of currently selected cube
* Vladimir Chtepa: Fix. QueryEditor. ' is not a string enquoter for syntax higlight.
* Vladimir Chtepa: Menu entries for Undo and Redo
* Vladimir Chtepa: QueryEditor. Undo with Alt+BackSpace or Ctrl+Z.
* Vladimir Chtepa: QueryEditor. Redo with Ctrl+Y.
* Vladimir Chtepa: MedataTree. Fixed for AS2000.
* Parser
* Support for query named sets
* Support for MDX Script parsing
* CREATE MEMBER old and new syntax
* SCOPEs (proper support for nested SCOPEs)
* Value assignments
* Calc property assignments
* Debug
* In "Execute" mode don't show Debug Watch
* Fix debugging calculated members with dots in name
* Support for MDX function flags (SELF, ALL, LEAVES etc)

v0.2.2 Released on 6-October-2007

* UI
* Incremental loading of results grid - helps with big resultsets
* Query execution
* Asynchronious execution of queries
* Query cancellation !
* Parser
* Syntax fixes (dimension properties clause)

v0.2.1 Hotfix Released on 4-October-2007

* Critical fix for "Execute" which is broken in 0.2.0
* Support for MDX SELECT queries with CELL PROPERTIES clause which excludes FORMATTED_VALUE

v0.2.0 Released on 3-October-2007

* Parser and Debugger
* Initial support for SELECT statement parsing and debugging
* Support AS2K style calculated member expressions (with quotes)
* Various fixes in the parser
* Temporary disabled Coordinates menu
* Debug Watch window
* New approach for debugging - more consistent results (but it breaks AS2K compatibility)
* Support for debugging of calculated members other than measures
* Populate WHERE clause coordinates and cell coordinates
* Debug expression in the context of the cell
* UI
* Save and Save As functionality in File menu
* Vladimir Chtepa: Syntax highlight in query text box !
* Vladimir Chtepa: Fixed insert of unicode text
* Vladimir Chtepa: Fixed Ctrl+E to execute query and not format QueryText
* Vladimir Chtepa: Disconnect/Connect doesn't forget server and coonection string
* Vladimir Chtepa: ApplicationSettings are added.
* Vladimir Chtepa: In the cube selection combobox show captions instead of the Names
* Vladimir Chtepa: Dimension Cubes shown in cube combobox (optional)
* Metadata
* Vladimir Chtepa: Dedicated icon for key attribute hierarchy
* Vladimir Chtepa: First 100 members will be shown under a level or for children of a member
* Vladimir Chtepa: Hidden objects show up in metadata with black-and-white icons
* Vladimir Chtepa: Metadata Objects (Measues, Dimensions, Hierarchies) are sorted by caption.

v0.1.2 Released on 24-September-2007

* Debugging
* Coordinates window for slicer, cell, expression etc
* Partial support for using current cell context
* Parser
* Error location for parsing errors printed in Messages tab
* Fixed Descendats(<exp>,,LEAVES) in parser
* Fixed <exp>.CurrentMember.Level in parser
* Fixed <exp>.Members(index) in parser
* AND, OR, XOR support
* Add few more MDX functions to parser
* UI
* Messages <-> Results switching
* Community and MDX menus
* File -> Open menu
* Vladmir Chtepa: Drag and drop occures at selected position, not at the end
* Vladmir Chtepa: The captions of metadata objects (dimensins, measures etc.) will be shown in the tree
* Vladmir Chtepa: Drag-drop inserts unique name of the object in query box.
* Perfmon counters work with remote machine and named instances of AS

v0.1.1 Released on 19-September-2007

* Workaround for perfmon

v0.1 Released on 18-September-2007

* MDX query execution
* MDX expression parsing
* MDX expression debugging
* Attribute relationships/coordinate overwrite visualizer
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6 years 10 months ago #2021 by thotapraneetha
thotapraneetha replied the topic: Re:MDX Studio 0.4.14 Release

Can you please pass the latest version of MDX Studio 4.14. The Skydrive seems to be dead and I am not getting the 4.10 to work on a particular scenario. Can anyone please help me with 4.14. Not able to find it anywhere on the internet.

  • hy0135
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4 years 11 months ago #3049 by hy0135
hy0135 replied the topic: Re: MDX Studio 0.4.14 Release
I have the same issue. Using admin login does not solve the problem. I am using SQL server 2012 SSAS. Does MDX studio support SQL 2012?

  • ibobak
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2 years 8 months ago #3362 by ibobak
ibobak replied the topic: Re: MDX Studio 0.4.14 Release

I've got permission from Mosha to publish the fixed version of the MDX Studio.

This version supports SSAS from 2005 till 2014, does not require any AMO/ADOMD.NET installation, and correctly works with the performance counters.

Welcome to get it.
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