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Articles By Vidas Matelis

ArticleDate PublishedHits
PowerPivot Tips and Tricks for IT Pros2013-Oct-28851
Portfolio Slicer - free BI application to track your investments in Excel with PowerPivot2012-May-312468
Video - SSAS database folder structure2012-Jan-292235
Script to backup SSAS database and delete old backup files (using ascmd.exe)2011-Feb-106174
Q: How to setup SSAS anonymous authentication - to access data from internet or another domain?2011-Feb-016683
Excel slicer impact on query performance2010-Nov-254918
Q: Why on SSAS 2005 after restoring database backup I am getting corruption error?2010-Sep-232080
Q: When I am browsing Real-time ROLAP cube, I am getting error message: OLE DB Error: OLE DB or ODBC error: You do not have permission to run 'SP_TRACE_CREATE'.; 42000.2010-Mar-134425
Q: I have measure in my cube that shows duration on some event in seconds. How can I convert numeric result to string in the format hh:mm:ss?2010-Mar-106787
Q: How in MDX can I override formating for all calculated measures in one measure group?2009-Dec-034924
SSAS error during deployment - "The connection either timed out or was lost"2009-Oct-064928
Script to automate SSAS partition management (SQL + SSIS)2009-Jul-0333716
Q: In SSAS 2008 I am getting an error message when generating usage based aggregations: "Internal error: The parameter is not valid."2009-Jun-083674
Q: How can I create a new Analysis Services project from existing SSAS database?2009-May-264068
Q: How can I identify version/build of Microsoft SSAS 2005/2008 on my server?2009-May-054473
Analysis Services 2008 $SYSTEM.DBSCHEMA_% DMVs2009-Jan-263200
Analysis Services 2008 $SYSTEM.DMSCHEMA_% DMVs2009-Jan-262775
Analysis Services 2008 $SYSTEM.MDSCHEMA_% DMVs 2009-Jan-2611378
Q:How do you map MEASURE_AGGREGATOR field int value in the MDSCHEMA_MEASURES DMV to text representation?2009-Jan-264507
Speeding up the Query Parameters Dialog in the SSRS Query Designer2009-Jan-223559
Q: How can I get a list of measures in one measure group from SSAS DMVs?2009-Jan-214686
Q: How in DMV can I convert data_type field from integer to string representation?2009-Jan-204096
Q: How can I get a list of available SSAS databases using DMVs?2009-Jan-203138
Q:I would like to create an e-mail alert when some criteria has been met after processing Analysis Service cube. Any sugestion?2009-Jan-063253
Q: Which string functions can be used in the queries on SSAS DMVs?2008-Dec-083741
Q: How in SSAS 2008 can I get the list of available MDX functions from DMVs?2008-Dec-044857
Q: How and where do I run queries on SSAS 2008 DMVs (schema rowsets)?2008-Dec-033751
Q: How to fix error "Error loading metadata: Parser: The end of the input was reached."2008-Dec-026219
Q: How can I start Analysis Services service from the command line?2008-Nov-266185
PowerShell script to process all dimensions and cubes in one DB limiting workload2008-Nov-2613769
PowerShell script to process all dimensions in one Analysis Services database2008-Nov-096594
Powershell script to list info about one Analysis Services database2008-Nov-097335
PowerShell script to list info about SSAS databases2008-Nov-036819
How to setup your computer to run PowerShell with SSAS2008-Nov-035788
Q: Can I migrate Analysis Service 2000 database to Analysis Services 2008?2008-Nov-034517
How to use MDW to collect Analysis Services 2008 performance counters2008-Sep-184373
Analysis Services 2008 performance counters2008-Sep-1314344
WSH script to get SSAS DB info about aggregation designs2008-Jul-115162
SSIS Package to drop and create partitions based on data in SQL Server table2008-Jul-048610
Analysis Services 2008 $SYSTEM.DISCOVER_% DMVs2008-Jun-235557
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 RC0 - New Adventure Works Sample Databases for SSAS2008-Jun-116381
SSAS 2008 RC0 - New function SYSTEMRESTRICTSCHEMA for restricted schema rowsets - DMVs2008-Jun-073218
Excel 2007 Pivot Table with SharePoint On Vista PC - works good after SP1 2008-Jun-073452
How to fix dimension processing error 'mdprocessdim.cpp line 3429 function MDProcessPropertyJob'2008-May-096195
In an MDX query how can I get the top 3 sales years based on the order quantity?2008-Apr-0413251
How in the report can I order date dimension members in descending order?2008-Apr-049908
Analysis Services 2005 and 2008 with PowerShell - it works2008-Mar-271980
SSAS 2008 Katmai Change Summary - What is new2008-Feb-2610650
SQL Server 2008 February CTP6 - Read-only SSAS Shared Scale-out and other changes2008-Feb-201986
Designing Analysis Services database for Inventory type applications2008-Feb-185569
How to find slice values that Analysis Services assigned to the partition dimensions?2008-Feb-048656
MDX-When I process cube, I can see that data is loaded, but when I query data, all measures are empty2007-Dec-067653
Why domain user group name is not found when creating Analysis Services security role2007-Dec-066217
When accessing calculation tab in BIDS I am getting error Unexpected error occurred2007-Dec-059685
How to fix Analysis Services deployment error No mapping between account names and security IDs was done2007-Dec-0534993
WSH Scripting for Analysis Services 20052007-Dec-032365
Customizing object names in Analysis Services database using translations2007-Dec-032817
Katmai Analysis Services 2008 November CTP5 - tests on metadata rowsets2007-Nov-301715
MS SQL Server Analysis Services 2008 - November CTP quick review 2007-Nov-301114
How to use parameters with SSRS 2005 against a 2000 Analysis services Cube2007-Sep-274421
How do you test Analysis Services 2005 role settings impact on browsing / querying behavior?2007-Sep-118346
How do you set Analysis Services 2005 drillthrough security on the cube?2007-Sep-118370
MDX-How can I change currency symbol based on selected currency dimension member2007-Sep-0618325
How to install Adventure Works SQL DW and Analysis Services 2005/2008 sample database and project2007-Sep-05102680
SSAS 2008 Katmai - MDX Changes2007-Aug-267388
SSAS 2008 Katmai - info from August 9th webcast 2007-Aug-121165
SSAS 2008 Katmai - upcoming changes in the next CTP 2007-Aug-01864
SSIS package to backup all Analysis Services databases on one instance2007-Jul-1711550
I cannot start Analysis Services 2005 SP2 on Vista PC. Error - The service cannot be started...2007-Jun-2510029
SSAS 2008 June Katmai - more testing results2007-Jun-18799
How do I move Analysis Services 2005/2008 databases to a different folder2007-Jun-1811475
How can I hide dimension attributes/hierarchy in one cube, but leave them visible in other2007-Jun-1315365
SSAS 2008 - Info from chat session 2007-Jun-12799
SSAS 2008 Katmai review - installation and first impressions (by Vidas Matelis)2007-Jun-12910
MDX-How do I calculate sales for 12 Month to date?2007-Jun-0829321
SSIS Package to process all dimensions in one SSAS Database2007-Jun-069146
When processing SSAS cube I am getting error "Errors in the OLAP storage engine" or "Internal Error".2007-Jun-0526240
Why In Reporting Services MDX query disappears after leaving "Data" tab.2007-Jun-056027
How do you generate Report Model for Reporting Services Report Builder based on SSAS database2007-Jun-0417635
Analysis Services 2005 error: Errors in the metadata manager. The attribute with ID of ., Name of . refer2007-May-2825697
How can I get a list of cubes in one Analysis Services 2005 database using XMLA?2007-May-226038
How can I get a list of Analysis Services databases on the server using XMLA?2007-May-226284
SSIS package to process all dimensions in SSAS 2005 DB 2007-May-191399
SSIS package that process all partitions/measure groups/cubes in one database2007-May-191973
Learning SQL Server Analysis Services 2005 and MDX - resources online2007-May-1613731
MDX-How do I clear Analysis Services (SSAS) database cache?2007-May-1524228
SQL Server Analysis Services 2005: Time Intelligence solutions on the web2007-May-144524
In Excel 2007 Analysis Services 2005 Pivot Table Field list is empty2007-May-085129
MDX-How do you format or round KPI expression value?2007-May-0724757
Analysis Services 2005 XMLA script to add/drop existing partition aggregate2007-May-0712112
How do you create distinct count measure in the separate measure group from the same fact table2007-May-0412655
MDX-How to create calculated member for AVG sales over last 3 years based on NOW()?2007-May-0316302
MDX-How can I get Last (Previous) Year to Date (YTD) values?2007-May-0149187
MDX query to get sales by prod line for period plus number of months with NON EMPTY sales?2007-Apr-309025
MDX-How Can I define SCOPE in MDX for all measures in multiple measuregroups?2007-Apr-3010776
How can I prevent client submitting MDX queries to the Analysis Server 2005 that run too long2007-Apr-293633
How can I create a script that generates XMLA script from Analysis Services solution project2007-Apr-2818615
How can I build XMLA script from Analysis Services Solution project interactively-BIDS2007-Apr-288100
Analysis Services 2000 and 2005 Connection string properties2007-Apr-2852019
What are Analysis Services 2000/2005 connection string properties2007-Apr-266058
During processing I can see that SSAS read x records, but all measures in the cube return 02007-Apr-254608
Excel SSAS Pivot Table warning "Security Warning Data connections have been disabled"2007-Apr-2512273
Excel with SSAS Pivot Table "Excel found unreadable content in"2007-Apr-2510082
MDX-How do you write query that returns measure ratio to parent value?2007-Apr-2414831
Is there a way to split Analysis Services 2005 database between different disks2007-Apr-243521
How do you change Analysis Services 2005 measure group ID property value2007-Apr-244596
How can I build MDX statement as a string and pass it into Reporting Services?2007-Apr-235933
How do you make Pivot table to show calculated members from Analysis Services 20052007-Apr-235324
How do you increase timeout for queries executed during Analysis Services cube processing2007-Apr-238587
How in SSAS 2005 do you create what is used to be "Member Properties" in Analysis Services 20002007-Apr-2210606
How in Analysis Services do you order dimension attribute during design2007-Apr-2123642
How do you setup dynamic security to SSAS 2005 database based on current user2007-Apr-198342
Experiencing delay when connecting to SSAS using SQL Server Management Studio?2007-Apr-183458
MDX-Why YDT function sometimes return incorrect results for measure with NON_EMPTY_BEHAVIOR?2007-Apr-177359
How to use AMO in VB.NET code to process cubes/partitions2007-Apr-179526
MDX-Why simple calculated measure works much slower than real measure.2007-Apr-178106
MDX-I would like to create calculated measure that instead of summing children amounts,uses last child2007-Apr-1714452
MDX-How do you write query that uses execution date/time (NOW()) as a parameter?2007-Apr-1517796
MDX-How do you calculate monthly average of one year, optionally including empty months?2007-Apr-1430875
MDX-How can I compare members from different dimensions that have the same key values?2007-Apr-1412629
What TCP port SQL Server Analysis Services 2005 uses2007-Apr-1428420
Can you specify bucket start/end values for groupping attributes using DiscretizationMethod2007-Apr-146358
Can you apply security on Analysis Services cube partitions2007-Apr-144765
What are recommended values for the InstanceSelection property in Analysis Services2007-Apr-088147
When in Analysis Services should I consider splitting measure group into partitions2007-Apr-084200
MDX-How do you make calculated measure to be default cube measure2007-Apr-089462
MDX-How can I setup default dimension member in cube calculation script?2007-Apr-0815589
MDX-How Can I define SCOPE statement for all but one measures in one measure group2007-Apr-0710854
MDX-How Can I define SCOPE statement for all measures in one measuregroup2007-Apr-076130
MDX-Query to get count of months with sales amount > 0 in defined period2007-Apr-0511220
MDX-Query to get sales by product line for specific period plus number of months with sales2007-Apr-057324
MDX-Query example that returns list of months from start of year up to specified month2007-Apr-0310828
MDX-Query to get latest months and previous years same months data2007-Apr-0314644
After processing SSAS cube I get error: Server error : Process error [object doesn't exist] 2007-Apr-023893
MDX-How to execute query from SQL Server2007-Apr-0211534
After processing dimension some of the attribute members are missing even I know they were read2007-Mar-305059
MDX-Query to show year level data for all years except last one, and month level data for last year2007-Mar-298845
Example how to generate SSAS measure group aggregations in SSIS package2007-Mar-294889
MDX-Query to show the first day of the last date month in the cube2007-Mar-2910668
MDX-Query to get the first month of the last year loaded into a cube2007-Mar-296211
MDX-query to get the last Month loaded into a cube2007-Mar-298500
MDX-Query to show totals of a set with just some members2007-Mar-295863
How do you design KPI goal that is dimension dependant2007-Mar-297528
I created Date/Time dimension, but Month level members are ordered alpabetically. 2007-Mar-288960
MDX-How to use the Filter function in a SCOPE statement2007-Mar-2816038
MDX-How to create a SCOPE statement based on the Member property2007-Mar-289925
MDX-How do you specify SCOPE For Dimension to include all members before certain member2007-Mar-287501
MDX-How do you specify SCOPE For Dimension to include all members after certain member2007-Mar-288495
MDX-How can I use dimension members/measures in query when sometimes they might not exists2007-Mar-2810246
MDX-How do you compare dimension level name to specific value2007-Mar-2712653
MDX-How do you get Last month in the time dimension2007-Mar-2712276
MDX-How do you extract first tuple from the set?2007-Mar-2712262
MDX-How do you extract first member from the tuple?2007-Mar-2710613

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