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Articles By Teo Lachev

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5 Tools for Understanding BISM Storage2014-Apr-14132
Dynamic Dimensions2014-Mar-25267
Analyzing Power Pivot Models with Tableau2014-Feb-26226
When Dynamic Sets Are Not Dynamic2014-Feb-19225
Auto-generating SCHEMA.INI2014-Jan-20314
SharePoint 2010 and Excel 2013 Power Pivot2013-Dec-11385
Optimizing Dimension Data Security2013-Oct-31983
Integrating Power View with PerformancePoint2013-Sep-17304
DAX Variance Calculations2013-Aug-19395
Refreshing Excel File in PowerPivot from SharePoint2013-Aug-12546
Analysis Services Relationship Limitations and Workarounds2013-Aug-12480
PerformancePoint Display Condition Not Working2013-Jul-05461
Configuring Power View Connectivity to Multidimensional2013-Jun-03444
Query Options for Analytical Models and Transactional Reporting2013-Mar-24600
PowerPivot Data Refresh in Excel 20132013-Feb-04598
What's New in Office 2013 BI - (Part 1 - Personal BI with Excel)2012-Jul-24628
Formatting Calculated Members2012-Jul-15659
Analysis Services Processing and CXPACKET Waits2012-May-15900
Reducing Analysis Services Index Processing Time2012-Apr-161208
ProcessUpdate and Partition Scans2012-Feb-07719
Handling Dates in BISM Tabular2011-Oct-30830
Partition Generator for Multidimensional Cubes2011-Oct-30729
BISM Tabular Dynamic Data Security Over Bridge Table2011-Sep-29977
Transactional Reporting with BISM Tabular2011-Aug-16824
Cube vs. VertiPaq Query Performance2011-Jul-281805
Using the IF Operator in Scope Assignments2011-Jul-051163
Performance Considerations for Securing Parent-Child Dimensions2011-Jun-281095
Dimension Data Security and Cube Script2011-May-311193
Video - Can Your BI Solution Scale?2011-May-18745
Analysis Services Refusing to Start2011-Apr-241051
Unaggregatable M2M Dimensions2011-Jan-311226
Business Intelligence Semantic Model â The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly2010-Nov-16971
Analysis Services I/O Time2010-Sep-281114
Importing SSAS KPIs in PerformancePoint2010-Sep-071686
PerformancePoint 20102010-Sep-031285
In Search of Aggregations2010-May-241113
To Partition or Not â This is the Question2010-May-241114
Scope Assignments and Missing Members2010-Apr-291732
Analysis Services I/O Time2010-Apr-131169
Beware Hidden Calculated Members2010-Jan-191853
Not All Calculated Members Are Born Equal2009-Nov-131450
Aggregating Many-to-Many Relationships2009-Sep-182958
Yet Another Relative Dates Implementation2009-Aug-202010
How to Test SSRS MDX Queries in SQL Server Management Studio2009-Jul-062778
Suppressing Auto-generation of MDX Parameter Datasets2009-Jun-081578
Measures on Rows2009-Mar-234009
Hacking MDX Query Designer Parameters2009-Feb-272791
Retrieving Cube Metadata in Reports2009-Feb-133470
Named Set Subtotals in Excel2009-Jan-273652
Implementing Cube Settings2009-Jan-141802
Referencing Parameters in SSRS Calculated Members2008-Nov-103838
SSAS WHERE vs. Subselect Puzzle2008-Oct-242286
Sorting Dates in a PivotTable Report 2008-Sep-112879
Personalized Cubes2008-Sep-021596
Nasty SSAS 2008 Bug2008-Aug-231888
Yet Another Post About Analysis Services HTTP Connectivity2008-Aug-022384
Last Non Empty Affairs2008-Feb-064846
Protect UDM with Dimension Data Security2007-Sep-212735
Protect UDM with Dimension Data Security, Part 2 2007-Sep-211885

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